The Envelope

The Envelope, By Stephen del Mar. A free short story.
The Envelope, By Stephen del Mar. A free short story.

The Envelope
Stephen del Mar
~3,500 words

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A tropical storm is battering Bennett Bay, a small town on Florida’s Gulf coast. Tony’s trying to close a sale on a house. The commission on this property will be a life changer but it just isn’t going to happen. He fights his way home through the storm to find a mysterious envelope waiting for him. Will it add more misery to a bad day or will it be a ticket to move on?  The Envelope is a new short story by Stephen del Mar.‘s Bennett Bay collection.

2 thoughts on “The Envelope”

    1. Marisela, I’m very glad you liked the story and thanks for leaving a comment! At the moment I don’t have plans to continue this story. Tony will make guest appearances in other stories, but I don’t have anything in mind yet for him as a MC. This story was really meant to just focus on that moment when we turn the corner in the grieving process. Again, thanks for reading it.


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