“Slay me,” said the dragon.

"Slay me, said the dragon" cover image

“Slay me,” said the dragon

Newly published October, 2013.

So Drake, a real twink of a college kid, is looking for his roommate. He finds him in a leather bar, except it is really a dragon den and Drake is really a Dragon Slayer. “Slay me,” said the dragon is a wacky short story about star crossed lovers and unintended consequences.

Short Story, about 14K words

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**** Anyta Sunday
How imaginative! I loved this dragon story; the writing is tight and the narrative flows well. There were a few places I had a right chuckle too. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this story and this author (I am currently reading another of his shorts now, equally good, so far).

There is a but, though . . . it just isn’t long enough. The history and background and tension and great characters were all there, but IMHO this needed to be drawn out more (bit more lead up and showing of UST between Drake and Flint before they arrive in Steam, then waaay more middle, and the ending perhaps a touch more dramatic than slapstick).

This was awesome, and I am complaining really just because of the talent, and being a greedy guts for more of this awesome story.

If you like a bit of urban fantasy and want a quick read, I very much recommend this.

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