Writing Back Cover Copy

image of a pile of booksWas going through my feeds this morning and ran across a great article on The Book Designer site about 7 Secrets to Writing Persuasive Back Cover Sales Copy, by Casey Demchak.

Although I don’t plan on doing any physical publication of my books (I just like trees too much) I think this is good advice for writing any copy about your book. His suggestions were:

  1. Start with a headline that makes or implies a promise.
  2. Make your copy “at-a-glance” friendly.
  3. Chose exactly the right voice.
  4. Create a powerful rhythm.
  5. Focus on what your book is about – not what happens
  6. Stir up human emotions.
  7. Leave them wanting more.

Read the article for information on working these into the copy. I also recommend adding The Book Designer to your feed list.

Okay back to editing.