Update Time

blue fairy boy
Nix, the Blue Fairy, from “Blue Fairy Falls.”
(c) LMW Books 2013

Well I haven’t blogged in a while so I guess I need to do an update. Big thing is I’ve moved this blog from WordPress.com to my own hosting account. I did this because WP.com is just too restrictive, which is something I don’t get. The WP software is an amazing and powerful blogging platform and yet they disable almost all the options on their own site. Most likely because they want you to pay for all of the upgrades and they don’t want to deal with supporting the more advanced features. But it still seems kind of wacky to me.  I wanted the ability to add my own themes and add whatever plugins I chose, not just the few WP.com approved ones. The only downside is I don’t know if the feeds to the few folks that were following me still work. However, I decided it was better to move it now with only like five people following me as opposed to later when I soar into the double digits!

News bit number two. I joined GoodReads.  You can find my GR profile here. I decided to participate in the M/M Romance Writing Event “Love Has No Boundaries.” I just finished the story and it is now with my amazing editor. (I will link to her site  as soon as she gets off her ass and lets me design her one.)  This story will be released sometime in June. I’ll do another post about my other WIPs soon.

Oh yeah, I’ve added cover art. I’m a really visual guy and often start a project by coming up with the book cover. I’m also a strange writer in I seem to be working on many projects in parallel. Either I will never finish anything or at some point I’m gonna have a fracking load of content come out all at once. If you’d like to know when my stuff is available, sign up for the newsletter. (See the link at the top of the page.)

Okay, by for now.