Time it is a changing…

So it was 6:30 am and now it is 5:30, do I have to do everything over?

Up to use the bathroom and thought I’d try and get a bit of graphics done.

The plan for the day:

  • Get a few font test for Cindy
  • go back to bed for a few hours.
  • Breakfast & a load of laundry
  • Go to my first NaNo write in
  • Get my story moving
  • Come home, take a nap.
  • Transfer and edit some video.
  • Write some more.
  • Pray that a check comes from a client tomorrow
  • Go back to bed.

Not bad for my day “off.”

Write On. 🙂

One thought on “Time it is a changing…”

  1. check actually came yesterday while I was at work! (Roommate just told me) Now I can pay rent, put gas in the car, get my NaNo T-shirt and buy more over priced coffee at StarBucks.

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