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This is the very first guest post on my website. I’m hosting Janette and Evette from the Sassy Girl Books blog for the Scavenger Hunt. Read about them and their blog below, check out the other great blogs in this tour, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! 

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I’m Janette I’m 37 but feel 27 (lol) and co blogger at the fabulous Sassygirlbooks blog. I literally love to get lost in the world of books.  I love reading from fantasy to erotica. But if truth be told I get red in the cheeks reading m/m the passion and intensity there is out of this world.  I met my fabulous soulbookmate and fellow Sassygirl Evette in the middle of a group discussion forum regarding the main character caught between a rocker and a surfer I was and am team surfer and she was team rocker and instantly it has been a whirlwind love affair  (lol). 
My five favorite military romances
I loved:
  • Up in Arms by Kindle Alexander  (but then again I love all her work)
  • Shadows and Silk (Liliana Hart)
  • Broken Wings (Erika Ashby)
  • Cade (Liliana Hart)
  • Sizzle (Liliana Hart)

Janette’s answers: Chocolate, pepsi,night,tea,winter


My name is Evette and I am 41 years old. I’m a lifelong reader, nothing is a better escape than getting lost in a good story. Like Janette I read everything! M/M romance is definitely an addiction of mine- every genre is enjoyed.
I also loved all of Janette’s picks for her favorite military reads, here are a few others.
  • Yours, Johnny Hollis Shiloh
  • The Assassin Shifters: (Entire Series) Sandrine Gasq-Dion 
  • Six Ways from Sunday(Southern Scrimmage Book 1) Mercy Celeste
  • General Misconduct L.A. Witt 
  • The Guy From Glamour (The Guy Series Book 1)  Skylar M. Cates
Another bit of proof of my adoration and soul mated-ness (yep, I made up a word!) with Janette are my answers to the questions. We don’t always agree on books-making for some very funny arguments-but we do on the important things!
Chocolate, Pepsi, Night, Tea, Winter
And I will always remain Team Rocker-CHRIS!!!

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