Pimping My Friend’s New Book: The Gems of Raga-Tor

Click the cover above to read the sample.

My friend CA Morgan has a new book out, The Gems of Raga-Tor. Well actually, it’s a very old book. A story she’s been working on for years. And I mean a lot of years. Pick a number… nope, longer than that. But back to the story, Eris Pann is a bratty-bad-boy with a problem. Sometimes he’s a bratty-bad-girl and he doesn’t like that one bit. He messed with the wrong lady and a gender-bending curse got him right in the… well, let’s say the family jewels, to stick with the theme of the book. 

It’s a fun read with an unexpected bromance between the extremely magical Raga-Tor and the “oh no, you didn’t just do magic, did you?” Eris Pann.