I’ve been writing my ass off, what have you been up to?

faerie boyHi Peeps,

Way past time for an update, sorry about that. But I’ve been a busy boy. The Plan is to have Dark Love, my wacky novel about witches, fag hags, “straight” male strippers and little blue faeries published by March 1st. Well, at least the ebook. It may take longer to get the paper thing formatted, but like no one reads those anymore, so, you know. The manuscript is with my editor right now and then I just have to give it a final read through afterward and then publish the sucker.

I’m really getting excited about RainbowCon in mid-April. It seems kind of far away and yet there is the “oh shit, I have so much to do before then” factor. Like actually have the book published and have some book cards to hand out incase folks want to buy the book. I’ve never been to any kind of Con before so I really have no idea what to expect. I got to say, I’m a little blown away by the idea of being surrounded by several hundred folk who write and read in this queer corner of literature we’ve carved out for ourselves.

One of the things the Con organizers are offering is giving the writers a chance to do some guest blogging leading up to the event. You know I jumped all over that like a daddybear on a twink. On March 25th, I’ll have a guest blog post over at Amethyst Daybreams, a pretty cool book blog. I’m excited about that and have no idea what to write about. Yep, another thing for the list.

Which brings us to something I haven’t really paid attention to yet: giveaways. I’ve done the free days for books on the Zon and I have a short story free on Smashwords, but I never thought of giving books away for free on the blog here. So, I’m going to start playing with that. I’ll start with my short stories and then offer Dark Love when it is published.

So that’s the news: one book almost done, trying to finish the next one, getting geared up for RainbowCon, and starting giveaways on the site here. Feel free to leave comments. I love me some comments!