Free this week! “HIM” a twisted horror short story.

HIM cover smallFree Until June 6th!


Imagine taking the bus home at the end of a cold winter day. The bus is full of all kinds of people with all kinds of problems. And as one slowly descends into madness he notices you. Would you notice before it is too late?

HIM is a short psychosexual horror story about madness, delusion and murder. Intended for mature readers only.


Review on Amazon:

***** “OK, I’ll admit it. I read a short story that wasn’t a part of an Anthology, and I liked it so much I felt I needed to do a review on it! I was actually researching the author’s two new books coming out in June and stumbled on this story. I’m glad I did.

Simon is a psychologist, and works for the Minneapolis Police Department in forensics. Something really terrible happened to Simon and his lover James at Gay Pride the previous June, and the story opens with Simon sitting on a snowy park bench, lost in his own thoughts.

Thus begins a really dark, twisted tale into one man’s rapid descent into madness. I’m not giving any other spoilers. It is only 99 cents on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited, so give it a read. I highly recommend it. It was one of those things I finished reading and just went, “wow, that was twisted.” Great job Mr. del Mar!”

–Dan Mitton