Day 12.1

Well this story is turning out to be very character driven and I need to take time out and chart out all of the folks running around town. I was using the index cards in Scrivener, which is great but I was feeling the need for chart that I could have printed out and keep next to me when I am writing. The chart has the character name, a brief bio of who they are and their relation to other major characters, then columns for what they want, the block to that want and finally how their arc is resolved in the story. I think this is actually going to help more than a traditional outline. Anyway I only got around 900 actual words into the text of the story today, but I think I should be about to get more done tomorrow.

I keep telling myself that the goal of this is the completion of the first draft, but damn I want to win. I want that 50% Scrivener discount. 🙂

Well good night for now. It is now November 13th on the east coast of the US and that puts me even further behind!

Happy writing everyone.

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