Bennett Bay History Update: Basil I

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Several of my stories make mention of the windjammer Basil I, named after Basil the First, emperor of the Byzantine Empire. She’s moored at Pier One in the historic Old Town district of Bennett Bay. I’ve just added a little excerpt from a WIP, The Fairy Stone, to the Bennett Bay website that gives a bit of background on this ship and Bennett Bay itself. Click here to read it. Don’t forget to pickup at t-shirt, all proceeds go to support the Bennett Bay Historical Society. Trust me, they need the money. 😉


Beachside Blogging

cover art, Stories from Bennett Bay 01
Stories from Bennett Bay: Collection One

I’ve been dealing with a bit of writer’s block this month as I finish up the first draft of Return to Cooter Crossing. I seem to have a hard time focusing in the home office so I’ve tried writing in different venues. Last week I spent the day at the local library and knocked out a chapter I’d been stuck on for weeks. Today I decided to head to the beach. The picnic shelters down in Bradenton Beach have power outlets so I am good to go. My laptop doesn’t hold a charge that long and I write slow, so I really need access to the grid.

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Return to Cooter Crossing: Chapter One

Return to Cooter Crossing book cover
Return to Cooter Crossing

I haven’t posted anything on the blog in a while and wanted to give an update. My short story The Demise of Bobby and Clyde is with the great and powerful editor now and should be up on Amazon in a week or so. I need to rework the cover. It’s a fun little ghost story that doesn’t end well for the boys.

The main thing sucking up my time is my novel. I’m trying to get Return to Cooter Crossing done. I’d really like to have it published by the end of summer or early fall. It tells the story of Dr. Aidan Quinn returning to the Bennett Bay area. It’s kind of a neo-southern-gothic family saga with just enough gay characters to make it interesting to the cool people, I hope. I’ve never been good at the whole genera thing. I just write stories and I’m never sure what box to put them in. However, to keep my dozens (okay dozen) of fans interested you can read the first chapter here. It’s from the rough draft so yeah it ain’t that polished but it will give you the flavor of the story. It will feature many of the characters from The Three of Us and The Broken Heart. Feel free to leave comments.



Posting Tobias & the Pink Dove on Wattpad

Tobias & the Pink Dove
Tobias & the Pink Dove

So I’ve been reading about Wattpad on a few writers’ blogs and decided to try it out. I’m always up to try new social media, especially social media geared toward writing. For me, the best way to learn something is to just do it, so I’m posting the scenes of a short I’m working on right now. Not sure how wise it is to post my stuff in the raw, but hey, maybe I’ll be an inspiration to all the other guys with dyslexia that don’t know how to use commas either! And my editor can use these as before and after samples! (You think his stuff is bad now? You should have seen it before I fixed it! She said to all who would listen.)

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First Scene From “The Demise of Bobby & Clyde”

Cover Art
Cover Art

Below is an excerpt for the first draft of a new short I’m working on. It  has naked men and ghost, so be warned. 🙂

Lightning flashed. Cypress trees draped in Spanish moss were flat black cutouts of the night against a white sky. Thunder ripped the air and then shook the car with a boom. Then everything went black again.

Bobby said, “Hell that was close!”

Clyde didn’t respond. Bobby had been bitching ever since they pulled off the county road an hour ago. The pavement had ended a few miles back and the wipers on the old car just weren’t up to keeping the rain and mud clear. He didn’t mind the lightning because for a second he could see the road.

“We’re lost aren’t we?”

Clyde tried to ignore him. “Coffee,” he said.

Bobby took the cap off a thermos and unscrewed the top. He passed it to Clyde.

“Are we lost?”

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