Great Halloween Reads!

halloween nightThree great short stories for Halloween!

The Day of the Dead: Alex is a gringo from Minnesota and doesn’t understand his lover’s desire to be with his family for Dia de los Muertos. Alex gets schooled in love and family by Mateo’s grandmother.

HIM: a short psychosexual horror story about madness, delusion and murder. Intended for mature readers only. Don’t read this one on the bus or with the lights out!

The Demise of Bobby & Clyde: A haunted house, two bank robbers and a hurricane make for a good ghost story.

Enjoy these fun and fast reads, they go great with fun size candy!

Pulp-O-Mizer: Fun ways to waste time!

Skycaptain Cover
Skycaptain Cover

So I know I should be writing. I have a debut novel to get out by the end of the summer, but alas I find fun things to do on the internet. I ran across the Pulp-O-Mizer where you get to generate an old style pulp magazine cover. So you know I couldn’t resist. Now I’m thinking this might actually be a fun story… You know you gotta watch out for those Cargo Punks. They can break a Captain’s heart and they are not always what they seem. Okay, back to work.

Influences and why I write gay fiction.


Joseph Hansen
Joseph Hansen

Nancy, a friend on Goodreads, asked me about the writers that have influenced me. Pretty good question and one I really haven’t thought about as much as I should. I know the author closest to my heart is the late Joseph Hansen, the author of the David Brandstetter mystery series.

Being gay is a weird kind of minority because of your isolation and invisibility. We really don’t look any different than the wider heterosexual population and most of us are born into a primarily heterosexual family. We have to venture forth to find others like us, those that see the world as we do. Homosexuality is invisible but sexuality is core to personhood and is a major lens through which we experience reality. After all what can be more central to the human experience than how and who we love?

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A Take on Modern Poetry

poetry canstockphoto6235412

Great post on The Passive Voice blog about Modern Poetry.

I know high school English classes pretty much squelched any joy I might have found in poetry for years. I don’t remember ever being asked to experience a poem  Or encounter a poem as what it should be, a performance of spoken word. We spent endless hours dissecting the works, looking at rhyme schemes and what not. What a way to ruin a work of art and passion.

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What a noble bird. Wild Turkeys are very cool.

Trying to get a few hours of writing in before the family time. But I felt the need to post this. It was originally posted on my personal Facebook page.


Okay, I have a lot to do this morning before heading out to the folks house, but I need to pause for a moment of Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the person who found my laptop’s power cord at Starbucks and turned it in and thanks for the kind staff that hunted around their little office to find it.

Thanks for my housemate Walt for giving me a cheep place to live.

Thanks for my part-time job from hell to a somewhat steady inflow of cash.

Thanks for my family.

Thanks to social media and email that lets me stay in touch with the people that made me who I am, cause you are all over the whole damn planet now!

And this year especially thanks to my friend Cindy, who after 34 years finally convinced me that not only can I write but that I should. All I needed was perseverance and a supportive editor!

I hope you all had/have a good Thanksgiving day.