NaNo Update: Draft of Chapter One

This year for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) I’m writing “Hunter Moon and the Red Wolf.” It’s the sequel to”The Bear, the Witch and the Web”, which is the sequel to “Dark Love.” BWW is in the review editing phase right now.

Below is the rough draft for the first chapter. And I mean very rough. (Oh and it has some graphics parts so determine your own comfort level.

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Welcome to the In-between: Thoughts, Updates, and Free Book Offer

In-Between Time

In the north of the world, it is a time of transition. The moving from the light of summer to the dark of winter. The time where the “death” of the crops in the fields yields up the grain we eat. We cull the herds for winter meat and pick fruit from the orchards before the sap runs back into the ground. It is a time when death and mortality are especially close.

And so, our ancestors marked this time with Samhain, Halloween, All Souls Day, and The Day of the Dead to honor the in-between time; the time between the long days of summer and the cold nights of winter. Of course, we seem to have forgotten the wisdom of our ancestors. We don’t believe in ghost and goblins anymore or the need to dress up and frighten them away, so we party and dress up in all manner of fun things, which is wonderful, because who doesn’t need a party? But what of the dead, are they not still with us?

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Stephen del Mar joins the Hat Party!

hat party 01aOn Tuesday June 17th, I’ll be over at Raine O’Tierney’s blog answering her fun interview questions. Check out her exciting author interview blog, The Hat Party, and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of “Dark Love.”

Find out about the attack of flaming zombies, I mean zombies on fire, not you know, campy. Read a little snippet from “The Witch and the Web” the sequel to “Dark Love” where I try to make Raine swoon. And other cool stuff.

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