A Samhain Mini-Retreat

It’s been a challenging week. I have a freelance project I’m working on and it’s pretty high on the frustration level. Also this it’s the time of year, I usually escape to Palm Bay, with my writing friend Cynthia, for a week of R&R & Writing. But the folks sold the house over there so that is no more. To cut the whining to a minimum, I really needed to decompress but didn’t feel I had the time. That’s always a bad sign. Continue reading “A Samhain Mini-Retreat”

Writing Action. #RainbowCon Workshop Outline

Note: Outline for one hour workshop on writing action, designed to be an interactive discussion.

two knights fighting canstockphoto8330138

Rainbow Con Workshop: Writing Action

Saturday, 5 PM, Sanibel Room

Stephen del Mar


Opening Thought questions:

  • What is action?
  • How is it different from other narrative elements?
  • Is it more than a fight sequence?

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The Live Oak Tales

Time of a check-in! I’ve completed three manuscripts and they are now with my editor for the first official edit. “The Bear, the Witch and the Web” and “Hunter Moon and the Red Wolf” complete the Live Oak Tales, the contemporary fantasy/paranormal series I have that is part of the larger Bennett Bay collection. I’ve also sent off the manuscript for “Return to Cooter Crossing,” a stand alone story in the Bennett Bay world. 

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7 Things about Stephen del Mar as a Writer

Now, I usually don’t respond to the never ending Facebook tag/challenge things that float around because I think “lame” or I’m just crazy busy writing. But this one by the amazingly talented Bellora Quinn caught my attention and I just finished a draft so I have a bit of time to ponder. I’ve decided to turn this into a blog post, because I haven’t done one of those in a while. Astonishing how much time writing three books at once can take.

Okay, here it goes, Seven Things about Me as a Writer (in no particular order)

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Quandary. I like that word. Kind of where I’m at this Sunday afternoon. Doing laundry and sitting in front of the laptop trying to get the old brain to settle into something. I need to work on my Work In Progress, which is a quandary in itself, I need to edit a video for a client, which should have been done by now, and apparently I’m futzing around with a blog post. Well, at least, that’s writing—right? Continue reading “Quandary…”