End of Year Sale: Four Free Stories!

Free Dec 27 to 29.

Day of the Dead, a sweet story about family and tradition. http://goo.gl/jahs5d

HIM, a psychosexual horror story. http://goo.gl/OSpgJO

The Demise of Bobby & Clyde, a southern haunted house story. http://goo.gl/yGVeRF

“Slay me,” said the dragon, a love story of when dragon meets slayer. http://goo.gl/ujUHEF


Short Story Collection Free for Halloween!

For a bit of spooky fun, I’ve bundled four of my short stories into a collection and offering it free October 18 to 22.

If you haven’t had a chance to read these stories, go check them out now in Spooky Tales One.

Contains:The Demise of Bobby & Clyde, The Broken Heart, HIM, and The Day of the Dead.



Free July 25 – 29 short psychosexual horror story by Stephen del Mar

HIM is a short psychosexual horror story about madness, delusion and murder. Intended for mature readers only.

“A fearless, unapologetic trip into the dark insanity of grief. Very few cross over to this extreme, but when someone does, it’s lethal.” 4 star review by SilkeeeeeeReads

Free on Amazon July 25 – 29