Thunderstorms, Skimming the Swamp and Steamboat Days: Mid-May Update

5-17-2016_weatherHi Folks,

Hope you’re enjoying late spring. We’re having a wonderful evening thunderstorm in Tampa right now. The wind’s slapping the live oaks around and the yard’s looking pretty swampy, but it will all be well past us before I get the post done.

 So what have I been up to? Well, the beginning of the month I was over in Palm Bay for a bi-annual writing retreat with my friend Cynthia. We got her book The Gems of Raga-Tor published. See the blog post here. I finished the first draft of Of Paradise & Purgatory and sent it out to my alpha readers. It wasn’t all work. We took a day off, ventured out to Camp Holy on the St. John’s River, and had an airboat ride.

Having finished up the draft of my “Arizona Story,” I needed to start a new project. The next book inline is tentatively titled: The Deadly Dare and is the follow up to Return to Cooter Crossing. Sean heads off to summer camp and gets tangled up with that haunted house in The Demise of Bobby & Clyde. The camp is on the island in the middle of Lake Jackson and I needed to do a little more world building around that area of the county.

steamboat days flyerThe beginning of the story takes place around Memorial Day and I began to ponder how the town of Blackwater would celebrate the start of summer? And, I came up with the idea of Steamboat Days. You may have noticed I have a thing for tall sailing ships, but next in line is a good old fashion paddlewheel boat with the over the top scrollwork and gingerbread decorations, a loud steam whistle, and the calliope bellowing out Dixie over the old black water of a southern river. This lead to the idea of a novella called Steamboat Days that’s kind of a collection of what the most popular of my characters are up to this weekend. Max has a central role.

Battles_of_Bennett_Bay_Cover_01But wait, there’s more! Because this was a celebration of a Civil War battle on the lake, I needed to flesh out the history of the area. And then, I had this crazy idea of just not having a collection of notes around but an actual historical monograph on the Civil War battles of Bennett Bay and Big Cypress county. The cool thing about the current age of self-publishing is I can have fun playing with my world building and actually publish it. I’m adding a history timeline here as I go along. 

So that’s what I’m up to. I’m writing a history book, and then a novella about Steamboat Days and then I will finally get to Sean and his adventures at camp. So what do you have planned this summer?


Pimping My Friend’s New Book: The Gems of Raga-Tor

Click the cover above to read the sample.

My friend CA Morgan has a new book out, The Gems of Raga-Tor. Well actually, it’s a very old book. A story she’s been working on for years. And I mean a lot of years. Pick a number… nope, longer than that. But back to the story, Eris Pann is a bratty-bad-boy with a problem. Sometimes he’s a bratty-bad-girl and he doesn’t like that one bit. He messed with the wrong lady and a gender-bending curse got him right in the… well, let’s say the family jewels, to stick with the theme of the book. 

It’s a fun read with an unexpected bromance between the extremely magical Raga-Tor and the “oh no, you didn’t just do magic, did you?” Eris Pann. 


Sunday “Morning” Scene: Into the City of the Dead

Sunday Morning Scene

Sunday Morning Scene is a weekly post of a scene I’m currently working on. It is raw and rough, copied and pasted directly from my WIP.

Two massive iron fire baskets had been moved in front of the church and the electric flood lights turned off for the night. Iggy told him the Festival’s organizers insisted the plaza be lit by flame light as much as possible. The only electric light in the plaza came from the half-dozen food trucks parked around the edge of the plaza. He notice most of the shops had also dimmed their lights. The Presidio Cafe had glowed with light from oil lamps and candles on the tables when he passed. He’d smiled at the sight of Clinton and Esteban sitting at one of the outside tables holding hands, totally oblivious to everything around them. Continue reading “Sunday “Morning” Scene: Into the City of the Dead”

The 2015 WRAFTAS!


I won one of the first WRAFTAS! 

I recommend following the the WROTE podcast if you enjoy queer fiction. 


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“The Broken Heart” free today on Amazon

Broken Heart BB cover 01 200 x 320With my wrist injury and the blog hop I totally forgot I scheduled a free weekend for “The Broken Heart.” Today is the last day of the sale on Amazon.

It’s a ghost story. It’s a love story. And gives some background for Zach and Stan who show up in “Return to Cooter Crossing.” Yes, this is the story of how they really met, not that Stan will admit to all of it.

And despite what one publisher told me, no it doesn’t have too many gay characters in it.