Time it is a changing…

So it was 6:30 am and now it is 5:30, do I have to do everything over?

Up to use the bathroom and thought I’d try and get a bit of graphics done.

The plan for the day:

  • Get a few font test for Cindy
  • go back to bed for a few hours.
  • Breakfast & a load of laundry
  • Go to my first NaNo write in
  • Get my story moving
  • Come home, take a nap.
  • Transfer and edit some video.
  • Write some more.
  • Pray that a check comes from a client tomorrow
  • Go back to bed.

Not bad for my day “off.”

Write On. 🙂

Return to Cooter Crossing

Working Cover for my NaNo book

Return to Cooter Crossing is my novel for this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNo).  Below is a brief working synopsis.  For those that are southern impaired, a cooter is a term for water turtles that like to bask on logs in rivers.


Aidan hasn’t had a good year. His lover and supervisor dumped him for a younger guy leaving him without a job or a home. He decides it is time to return home to Cooter Crossing, a small village in the backwater swamps of Florida’s west coast. It has been ten years and he’s not sure what to expect. What he finds is a sister that is pregnant and unwed, his high school lover is now the town drunk with a mobile home full of kids, dirty dealing by a County Commissioner, a deputy sheriff that has romantic intentions and murder.


Well My friend Cindy (aka CA Morgan) talked me into the National Novel Writing Month. Beginning tomorrow, Nov First, you are supposed to write a first draft of a novel–50K words–in 30 days. This should be a challenge because I am somewhat of a slow writer and my paid work is picking up. However I have a lot of prep-work done and I am looking forward to it.

The way I look at it is even if I don’t the the deadline with 50K words I’ll be on my way to having a draft done on a book and I consider that a WIN!