So the AT&T network is down in the Starbucks I am working in, been down for 45 min. Rather annoying because I want to sync/backup my work on my Google Drive and update my word count. All I can think of is I am glad I don’t have a Chrome Book that is dependent on the cloud for everything. I can keep working using the software on the laptop and saving everything local. I can just take my laptop into my house and sync using the home connection. But this just shows me how dependent I am becoming on an always available internet connection. I wanted to look up something for the scene I was working on and got miffed that I couldn’t. I was supposed to meet a guy for coffee and I didn’t think of exchanging phone numbers because hey I am sitting here at Starbucks online we can just IM. So he probably thinks I stood him up. “The internet was down.” How lame does that sound?

I can’t even live blog post. I have to type this in Word, save and copy and paste later. The horror.

Well, fud, this means I need to get back to novel writing. I keep almost catching up but then the damn Earth rotates and it is another day and I have another two-thousand words to generate. Fud. Just fud.

On the upside I cranked out 3,687 words today and might get a few more in before mid-night.

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