Points of Inspiration: Dark Love

Click to read a sample. (Note: at the time of this post, Amazon hadn’t updated the cover.)

Time: Halloween Night, 2013
Place: 24 hour Starkbucks, Plant City, FL, USA
Point of Conflict: To NaNo or not.

It was Halloween, the night before the National Novel Writing Month (NaNo for short) contest begins. You know the thing where you sign up to bang out 50K words in the month. They can either be for a rough draft of a new project or additional words on something you’re currently working on. It’s fun. You get a lot of support from other folks participating and can even meet up with them to have “write-ins.”

I had participated the previous year and “won,” meaning I wrote over 50K words on my novel Return to Cooter Crossing. The problem was, that story needed a lot more than 50K and a year later I was still working on it. One reason it was taking so long was I’d taken breaks along the way and written a number of short stories and a novella. So it was NaNo season again and folks were asking, “Are you going to do it this year?” Continue reading “Points of Inspiration: Dark Love”

Quick update post

Taking a break from writing and various asundry things, in order to give you a quick update. 

  1. Of Paradise & Purgatory” is free today on Amazon. 
  2. I’ve added some new sections to the website for WIP series. If you are interested in things I have in the works, check out the Rice Creek Crew, Roxie Blue, and Avalon Rising sites in the menu.

As always, send me a message or add a comment below if you want to say anything about my stories.


Points of Inspiration: “Needs a disco or maybe dragons…”

A Florida meadow. Now what would liven this up?
A Florida meadow. Now what would liven this up?

A few years ago, I was skimming through my Facebook feed when this nice pastoral photo of a meadow showed up from one of my friends. It had comments about wanting to be somewhere beautiful and peaceful.  Apparently, I was in one of my moods because I looked at it and thought, Meah. It was pretty, but it looked dull. I thought, It needs a disco. Then thought again, Or dragons. Hold it! Waite… a dragon disco! Continue reading “Points of Inspiration: “Needs a disco or maybe dragons…””

A Samhain Mini-Retreat

It’s been a challenging week. I have a freelance project I’m working on and it’s pretty high on the frustration level. Also this it’s the time of year, I usually escape to Palm Bay, with my writing friend Cynthia, for a week of R&R & Writing. But the folks sold the house over there so that is no more. To cut the whining to a minimum, I really needed to decompress but didn’t feel I had the time. That’s always a bad sign. Continue reading “A Samhain Mini-Retreat”