The Three of Us

The Three of Us Cover
The Three of Us

The Three of Us

Ever fall head over heels in love with a guy or feel like you’d jump off a bridge for him? Well that’s Sam’s problem. It’s the first week of college and he’s following his jock of a roommate around like a puppy dog. It’s pretty pathetic and he knows it. Then he sits down next to this little nerd in his English class and things change. “The Three of Us” is a story of first loves, coming of age and friendship.

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***** Worth the Five stars, July 18, 2013

I just finished reading The three of us, wonderful and griping book. Though I would’ve loved it to much longer it still gets the story across the reader. The way the story unfolds is just amazing and its not just one of those books full of sex and hot studs. This one has a very great story and the charter’s are well explained giving them a realisms feel and you can almost feel yourself standing next to each one when you read this book. I have bought all the authors other books and can’t wait to read them though I know they will be short but worth the enjoyment of this story continuing on as we get to see and understand the other charter’s lives in each book. I would love the author to continuing making more of this series I will definitely be looking forward to any new martial that comes out. Trust me anyone who loves a good heart warming story with some good suspense will enjoy this one. Give it a shot you wont be disappointed. (Link to review)

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