The Live Oak Tales

Time of a check-in! I’ve completed three manuscripts and they are now with my editor for the first official edit. “The Bear, the Witch and the Web” and “Hunter Moon and the Red Wolf” complete the Live Oak Tales, the contemporary fantasy/paranormal series I have that is part of the larger Bennett Bay collection. I’ve also sent off the manuscript for “Return to Cooter Crossing,” a stand alone story in the Bennett Bay world. 

I’ve been writing so much the last few month it seems odd not to have a WIP in process… well I do have a few but nothing urgent. I spent the day rebranding “Slay me” and “Dark Love” to be part of the Live Oak series and finished up the covers for the other two. I’m still futzing with the cover for “Cooter Crossing,” just can’t seem to get the title text right.

PP_cover_01a web smallThe next project I have in mind is a break from Bennett Bay. I’m going to head out to Arizona for “Of Paradise and Purgatory.” We’ll see how that goes. It’s looking to be more autobiographical than anything I’ve written. Not sure how I feel about that. May need to have a little sit down with my Muse and see what he thinks he’s up to.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. Still need to write blog post for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia and something about RainbowCon. Yeah, that’s what I was supposed to be doing today. Sigh. 

So what are you all up to?



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