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Cover art for The Broken Heart
Cover art for The Broken Heart

Well I’ve been writing like a madman the last few weeks, that’s mostly a good thing. The bad thing is I’m behind in my real life job. But hey the clients really don’t need their websites and videos done right now do they?

I cranked the sort story “The Envelope” and put it up on Smashwords for kicks. It’s really my first thing “published.” Which is kind of weird because it was just a throw-away piece. I just wanted to see if I could crank out a story in one day. I’m a pretty slow writer and the 3,500 words really consumed a whole day. But it was pretty damn rewarding to get something done and out to the public. So far 123 people have downloaded it. Hopefully a good number of those liked it. Someone even left a 4 star review!

Also I am finishing up two other stories. “The Three of Us,” my entry in the Goodreads M/M summer event is basically done. My editor is giving it a last look over, then it will be submitted. “The Broken Heart” is another short. It tells the story of two minor characters in “The Three of Us.” I’d written it about a year ago, but was never happy with it. The characters are showing up in a few of my longer works and I felt I knew them better now and could do a better job of telling how they met. The first draft is with my alpha reader now.

Hangar 42 cover
Hangar 42 cover

Another story started sprouting in the old brain today. I’m not sure about the steampunk genre but I’ve always love the idea of airships, you know the zeppelins. And bummed the whole technology didn’t pan out. From what I understand airships work in the SP world. I have the idea of an industrial espionage story around rival airship companies. We’ll see how that one turns out. Of course the first thing I do when I get a story idea is make a cover mock-up. What do you think?

So anyone out there into steampunk? What do you think of airships?

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4 thoughts on “Story Up Dates”

  1. Great news on the 4-star review! The number of downloads is great too for less than a week’s time. Go for the SP! Airships rule! The good thing about those I’ve read about and seen in a couple of movies, is that the SP variety tend to be a bit more sturdy and reliable than the actual ships like the Hindenburg. In SP, you can have a light-than-air inert gas component to give it lift, etc. And, of course, there is the fantastical mechanism that deploys should something happen to the “air bag”. We can’t have dead heroes, after all.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ms. Morgan. 🙂

    Been looking at the SP genre a bit, I like the idea of the alternate universe, which a guess when you think about it is really just standard sci-fi! I have no desire to write anything historical. I’d rather make stuff up as opposed to doing research. 🙂

    1. I’m still working on Return to Cooter Crossing, I hope to release it late summer or early fall. The best way to find out when is to sign up for my newsletter. Thank you so much for your interest!

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