“Slay me,” said the dragon. A new short story.

"Slay me, said the dragon" cover image“Slay me,” said the dragon.

About a month ago, a friend on Facebook shared a photo. It was a rather idyllic shot of the Scottish Highland but I thought, “You know, looks kind of boring. Needs dragons or maybe a disco.”

Then my mind went to work. What if it was a disco for dragons, well really a leather bar that played 70s disco because dragons like those mirrored balls. And what if a twink walked into the leather bar that was really a dragon den. And what if he was really a dragon slayer. I started playing with the idea of “slaying” as a metaphor for the erotic exchange of power, in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

Anyway, that’s how this story started. My friends say it was good enough to turn loose. So here it is.  I made it free this weekend on Amazon, so enjoy!  Let me know what you think.