Return to Cooter Crossing: Chapter One

Return to Cooter Crossing book cover
Return to Cooter Crossing

I haven’t posted anything on the blog in a while and wanted to give an update. My short story The Demise of Bobby and Clyde is with the great and powerful editor now and should be up on Amazon in a week or so. I need to rework the cover. It’s a fun little ghost story that doesn’t end well for the boys.

The main thing sucking up my time is my novel. I’m trying to get Return to Cooter Crossing done. I’d really like to have it published by the end of summer or early fall. It tells the story of Dr. Aidan Quinn returning to the Bennett Bay area. It’s kind of a neo-southern-gothic family saga with just enough gay characters to make it interesting to the cool people, I hope. I’ve never been good at the whole genera thing. I just write stories and I’m never sure what box to put them in. However, to keep my dozens (okay dozen) of fans interested you can read the first chapter here. It’s from the rough draft so yeah it ain’t that polished but it will give you the flavor of the story. It will feature many of the characters from The Three of Us and The Broken Heart. Feel free to leave comments.