RainbowCon One Month Away! #rainbowcon


So it hit me this weekend, RainbowCon is only one month away! How the hell did that happen? (I know the Earth keeps moving and time marches on, but you know…)

I had a bit of a panic WTF moment as I came up from writing, marketing The Live Oak Tales, and the time suck that is the Evil Day Job and realized I should probably have some materials on hand. I do have a signing at the Queer Sci-Fi table, which means I need something to sell/sign, you know, just in case. Probably need a pen too.

I’ve ordered a few copies of “Dark Love,” book one in the Live Oak Tales and the collection of Bennett Bay short stories. I also made up a nifty little sign with the QR codes for my ebooks so folks can just scan it with their phone/tablet and one-click buy them.

I’ve also decided to do postcards promoting The Live Oak Tales. I can sign them if folks want that. I really don’t get the wanting something signed by someone thing, but hey, gotta keep the fans happy.

Other very cool news today, I was accepted for a BookBub ad for July 5th for “Dark Love.” They are pretty picky and this will be a great chance to get my work out in front of a lot of people!

And yet even more cool stuff, I’m scheduled to be a guest on the 3 M/Musketeers Podcast! We’re recording the show July 12th. Not sure of the air date yet. I recommend checking out their shows. One of the more professional podcast on LGBT Lit.

Okay, Pax-out for now. 🙂