New Google+ Cover Photo

New g+ cover
New g+ cover

Not sure what to do with Google+ yet. I’ve read a few articles on using it for a “writer’s platform, ” I’m not convinced yet. Does anyone really use Plus? And the interface seems pretty chunky. But I use Gmail and other Google services so it appears I have a Plus account by default.  Which I find annoying, because I think a neglected social media account looks worse than not having one. Therefore as my first step, I’ve uploaded a new cover photo. And why Google are they so big? Stupid design. Anyway, it looks like I need to figure out what the heck circles are and start adding people so I don’t look pathetic. Where are the stalkers when you need them? Anyone want to be my friend? Sigh. I really need to be writing…

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  1. Go write. I find that this Circle thing is something between Facebook and LinkedIn. I have “circles” but it’s easier to communicate with FB or an email blast. I don’t use it, though, because it seems to be an idea that didn’t catch on due to the fact everyone is connected elsewhere

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