My #RainbowCon 2015 Schedule


This is where I’ll be during Rainbow Con. If you’re there, please say hi! I do suck at the name/face thing so I’ll be staring at name tags a lot! And let me know where we know each other from, like Facebook or Twitter.


1 PM: QSF Table.

4 PM: (Section I) Does Size Matter? Writing Novels vs. Short Stories – Short stories, novelettes, novels, sagas: how long is too long? Is anything too short to enjoy? In this panel, we’ll discuss the draw of the short and if readers really do prefer the novel.
Moderator: Amanda Ching – Panelists: Stephen del Mar, Taylor Law, Terry

5 PM: (Section III) Author Readings – Cassandra Carr, Lloyd A. Meeker, Stephen del Mar

6 PM: Dinner with the QSF gang! @ Panera 112 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL, 33609

8 – 10 PM: (Section III) Welcome Event – Come join the raffle, meet the staff and volunteers, grab your welcome bags, learn about what we have in store for you, hear from our guests of honor, and stay for refreshments, music, and a chance to socialize with your fellow attendees!


10 AM: (Section V) Finding Inspiration – Inspiration can be anywhere, but tapping into it can sometimes be problematic. Join these panelists for a few tips on finding inspiration and translating that into words on the page.
Moderator: David Berger – Panelists: Jessie G, Jo Vanderhooft, Max Vos, Stephen del Mar

*11 AM: (Section IV) The Male Perspective – With all the debate about women writing men in QUILTBAG fiction, a panel of our male authors are here to set the record straight and give everyone the 411 on writing books from the male perspective.
Moderator: Stephen del Mar – Panelists: Andrew Grey, Lloyd A. Meeker, Roger Armstrong, Vicktor Alexander

8 – 10 PM: (Section III) It’s a Drag! – Join fellow attendees for an awesome night! All you can eat buffet with a drag show to entertain you, plus door prizes! *Ticketed Event, RSVP at time of registration.


11 AM: Signing and selling books at QSF table.

3 PM: (Section IV) How to Be an Ally – It’s easy to say you’re an ally, but are you truly? Our panel explains what it takes to be an ally.
Moderator: Brenda Cothern – Panelists: Christa Tomlinson, David Berger, JT Cheyanne, Stephen del Mar

*5 PM: (Sanibel) Workshop: Writing Action – Writing compelling action sequences is the bane of many a writer. Keeping the momentum of the story going while trying to describe a fight or a chase can be tough, so let our panelists give you some tips and tricks to make those scenes jump off the page.
Moderator: Stephen del Mar


11 AM: (Section I) Fifty Shades of Fantasy – With so many supernatural beings in various media today, it’s a whirlwind of different types of fantasy! This panel will take a look at the differences and strengths of Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy.
Moderator: Angel Martinez – Panelists: Lexi Ander, Lloyd A. Meeker, Stephen del Mar

*12 PM: (Section II) What’s Wrong with – Amazon is the largest provider of digital books, and they are known for censorship and unfairly applying their vague rules. But, are they really the monster people believe, or do they provide something no other company to date can?
Moderator: Stephen del Mar – Panelists: Brenda Cothern, Hans M Hirschi

2 – 4 PM: (Section III) Closing Ceremonies