Motivation where are you?

So it was a late night at the job-from-hell but all the way home I have this scene going in my head. I am actually kind of bummed that I didn’t have my laptop in the car so I could just go to Starbucks and get typing.

Anyway, I get home, scrape off the cloths and get into the shower. I feel good. I get an apple and a big glass of water to re-hydrate and site down to write and…not a damn thing. Too wired to go to bed and too fuzzy to work.

Oh well, I’ll stare at the Scrivener screen for a while and see what happens. Inspiration is apparently a fickle…well you know what.

Author: Stephen del Mar

Stephen del Mar lives in the Tampa Bay area and writes in the Southern Literary tradition. His stories are character driven with rich settings. They often have a touch of the paranormal, supernatural, or magical realism. Although he writes about serious subjects, they are sweetened with humor and wit. He says, "It's a southern thing."