Mid-December News

My first writers retreat!
My first writers retreat!

Hey Peeps!

Seems the harder I’m working on the writing the less time I have to blog, sorry about that. But I’m hoping that is okay with you’all. The first draft of Dark Love is done and off to the two people I let read my stuff in full on crappy draft mode. It’s sitting at around 112K words, which isn’t too bad for 10 weeks of writing. I’m sure it will need some rounding out and trimming so not sure how long it will be in the end. I think it’s turning out to be a fun story. I mean how can you go wrong with cute boy witches and little blue faeries?

The thing I’m really excited about this month is the writing retreat I’m going on, never been to one of those. Gonna have a whole week to do nothing but write and hang with other writers! The agenda for the retreat:

  • Day: Write
  • Evening: Food, Fellowship & Adult Beverages.

Now how can that not be a good time?

My goal for the retreat is to finish the first draft of Cooter Crossing. I really want to get that book done! I’ve been working on that sucker for over a year now. Way too long. If I get that done I’ll have two novels out in the first quarter of this year and that’s half way to my goal of having four out this year. Gotta keep writing to pay off my Starbucks tab!

Anyway, that’s all the news from Bennett Bay. Hope your new year is going well!