“Love is Love” LGBT Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

“For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.” — Chaucer (1382 C.E.) From “Parlement of Foules

 There is a cool blog hop going on this week. My plan was to write a little short story about Yanko and Dieter, the two main characters from “Dark Love,” but life happened. If I can, I will try to get it done by the 14th. However there are a ton of other great writers participating, so check them out and enter for a chance to win a ereader full of stories!



Prizes and Sponsors:

The prize is a basic Kindle ereader and 42 ebooks!

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Hop sponsors:

A.J. Marcus, Aidee Ladnier, Alexa Milne, Amanda Young, Annabeth Albert, Anne Barwell, April Kelley, Brandon Shire, Bronwyn Heeley, C. J. Anthony, Catherine Lievens, Cecil Wilde, Charlie Cochrane, Christopher Koehler, David Connor, DP Denman, Draven St. James, Elin Gregory, Elizabeth Noble, Ethan Stone, Eva Lefoy, H.B. Pattskyn, Hayley B James, J.M. Dabney, Jennifer Wright, Jessie G, Julie Lynn Hayes, Karen Stivali, Kazy Reed, Kendall McKenna, L M Somerton, Lily G Blunt, Lisabet Sarai, Lynley Wayne, M.A. Church, Megan Linden, Morticia Knight, N.J. Nielsen, Neil Plakcy, Sibley Jackson, Stephen del Mar, Sue Brown, Tali Spencer, Tara Lain, Thianna Durston, TM Smith, Tracey Michael, Shiloh Saddler


Ebook Prizes:

Aidee Ladnier The Break-in
Amanda Young Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Bronwyn Heeley Winner chooses from author’s available titles
C. J. Anthony Heaven
Charlie Cochrane Something from my back list – winner’s choice.
David Connor Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under
DP Denman Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Elin Gregory Alike As Two Bees
Ethan Stone Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Eva Lefoy Love is a Mess anthology
H.B. Pattskyn Hanging by the Moment
J.M. Dabney When All Else Fails
Jessie G The Protector
Julie Lynn Hayes When Will I See You Again
Lisabet Sarai Necessary Madness
Lynley Wayne Winner chooses from author’s available titles
M.A. Church The Harvest series (book #1 and book #2)
Morticia knight All Fired Up (Sin City Uniforms 1)
N.J. Nielsen Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Sibley Jackson Private Performance
Sue Brown The Next Call
Tali Spencer Dangerous Beauty
Tara Lain Canning the Center
Thianna Durston The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Alexa Milne Rainbow Connection (due out 13th Feb) or Sporting Chance.
Anne Barwell Winner chooses from author’s available titles
April Kelley Whispers of Home
Brandon Shire The Love of Wicked Men – Episode One
Catherine Lievens Jamie
Cecil Wilde Defying Convention
Christopher Koehler Poz
Draven St. James Scent of a Wolf
Elizabeth Noble Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Hayley B James Undercover Addiction
Jennifer Wright All 3 Finding Home Series books – Pavarus, Morvea, & Airos
Karen Stivali Moment of Impact
Kendall McKenna 1) Strength of the Pack 2)Waves Break My Fall
L M Somerton Rasputin’s Kiss
Lily G Blunt Paint the Sky
Megan Linden Running Off the Edge
Stephen del Mar Dark Love
TM Smith Opposites
Tracey Michael Pretty Please
Shiloh Saddler Private Pleasure


Hop sites:

A.J. Marcus Aidee Ladnier Alexa Milne Amanda Young
Annabeth Albert Anne Barwell April Kelley Brandon Shire
Bronwyn Heeley C. J. Anthony Catherine Lievens Cecil Wilde
Charlie Cochrane Christopher Koehler David Connor DP Denman
Draven St. James Elin Gregory Elizabeth Noble Ethan Stone
Eva Lefoy H.B. Pattskyn Hayley B James J.M. Dabney
Jennifer Wright Jessie G Julie Lynn Hayes Karen Stivali
Kazy Reed Kendall McKenna L M Somerton Lily G Blunt
Lisabet Sarai Lynley Wayne M.A. Church Megan Linden
Morticia knight N.J. Nielsen Neil Plakcy Sibley Jackson
Stephen del Mar Sue Brown Tali Spencer Tara Lain
Thianna Durston TM Smith Tracey Michael Shiloh Saddler

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