Day 21

Well I am holding at 29,151 words at the moment.

I got a lot of outlining, or re-outlining, done yesterday and still have more to do but really felt the call to get writing today. I really want to get this story out. I think it is going to be longer than the 50K goal, at least in first draft form.

Working on a lot of emotional scenes today. It is embarrassing.  I am such a big softy. I am just sitting in Starbucks with tears running down my face as it type.  Fortunately no one pays much attention to the old fat guy in the corner. The advantages of being un-remarkable. 🙂

Thank god the WiFi was finally fixed at the Starbucks I haunt. It did cut down on my distractions but I don’t like not being able to sync my flies to the ‘net and updating my word count. I love to see that little bar move on the NaNo site.

Okay, back to the book.