Day 21.1


Well I broke 30K. 🙂

My MC just realized that he is a common element that all three shooting victims have and of course he was shot himself, previously  So the boyfriend who is also a County Deputy is coming over to get him and his nephew is waiting for him at the cafe on the pier, so I think it is a good point to leave it for the night.

Thanksgiving tomorrow. Will not get much done. Why do they do this in November?

Night, Night everyone.

Author: Stephen del Mar

Stephen del Mar lives in the Tampa Bay area and writes in the Southern Literary tradition. His stories are character driven with rich settings. They often have a touch of the paranormal, supernatural, or magical realism. Although he writes about serious subjects, they are sweetened with humor and wit. He says, "It's a southern thing."

2 thoughts on “Day 21.1”

  1. So you have enough leftovers in the fridge to power you on to the last week of storytelling without the bother of cooking!! That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    1. I wish. The problem when I go to family for the meal is I don’t get the leftovers! I actually try get a turkey on sale, the day after, then cook it my self so I have one. But this year, well, let’s just say living arrangements and frige space is limited.

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