Day 20

Digital and analog writing tools.

Needed to take the day to re-organize. I kind of like to write out of sequence as the scenes come to mind. The problem is this story is getting a bit complex and I am losing track of the various plot lines. So the hell with word count, today is all about post-its and index cards.

Overall I think the story is coming together if you are into the whole Southern family small town drama thing.

Thanks for stopping by.

BTW: A very nice young lady from South Africa has been following my blog. I can now boast an international readership! 🙂  (Well out of a total of like three people that isn’t bad.)

2 thoughts on “Day 20”

  1. yeah this is taking me way longer than I thought but I am seeing that I really need to keep track of things and yet I don’t know if I could have the story this fleshed out if I haven’t got this far. arggggggg. My butt hurts I need a change of venu. I need to go somewhere else and do some actually writing. Enough outlining for one day!

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