Creativity is really bizarre when you think about it…

Time to start writing this morning. I am trying to do nothing today but work on my NaNo story. Got up early and headed to Micky D’s for breakfast (the stake and egg bagel–no egg is amazing–beefy cheesy goodness with sauteed onions) and to do writing at Starbucks. I seem to get more work done there and it has nothing to do with the view of community college boys that hang out there to study, I swear.

Any way I am trying to get over what I am calling the Road Kill Incident. I was in the parking lot listening to a story on NPR when I notice one of the stray cats that hang out at McDonald’s trying to cross the highway during early morning traffic. It got splattered by three cars, which one would think was gruesome enough but it was its back leg sticking up in the air convulsing that has kind of stuck with me. It gave one last twitch and was still. Then another car hit it knocking it into another lane. By this point I had lost interest in the news story and needed rum or espresso. As I was in the Starbucks parking lot and it was 6 am, I opted for espresso.

Any way, I am standing at the counter waiting for my cup of joy…I mean joe, thinking about the scene I am going to work on first this morning. The MC just found out that his 16 yo nephew is gay and is going to take him out for the obligatory gay uncle talk about men and the joys of fashion and safe sex (very Sex in the City, but small town by the Bay and more grits than cannoli) and I realize I need a Cafe for them to have the talk. Suddenly the name of the cafe comes to me, the owner and a whole frackin’ back story. I don’t know how much will be useful but it is just amazing how your brain can pull this stuff out of thin air!

Okay, now I really need to write something that will count toward my daily total. Really I am going to start now…

Author: Stephen del Mar

Stephen del Mar lives in the Tampa Bay area and writes in the Southern Literary tradition. His stories are character driven with rich settings. They often have a touch of the paranormal, supernatural, or magical realism. Although he writes about serious subjects, they are sweetened with humor and wit. He says, "It's a southern thing."

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  1. I love it when that happens!! In one of the novels I’ve been working on, a very , very long one at that, every morning my brain would greet me with its version of “you’ve got mail.” Back story, forward story and every detail in between. It is amazing, truly, what the mind can do when given a chance…

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