Rainbow Con Panels or Cool stuff I’ll be doing in July

RainbowCon_2015Happy Con Boy squeal! I just found the email with my panel placements for Rainbow Con here in Tampa, this July! Here they are:

  • Thursday 4 PM: Does Size Matter? Writing Novels vs. Short Stories – Short stories, novelettes, novels, sagas: how long is too long? Is anything too short to enjoy? In this panel, we’ll discuss the draw of the short and if readers really do prefer the novel.
  • Thursday 5 PM: Author Reading! Listen to the dyslexic guy read something. At the moment, I’m planing on reading from the opening of “Return to Cooter Crossing.” I hope to have this out for sale about that time.
  • Friday 10 AM: Finding Inspiration: Inspiration can be anywhere, but tapping into it can sometimes be problematic. Join these panelists for a few tips on finding inspiration and translating that into words on the page.
  • Friday 11 AM: The Male Perspective. I get to hang with the Bros and talk about being a dude writing about dudes, doesn’t happen as often as you think.
  • Saturday 3PM: How to Be an Ally – It’s easy to say you’re an ally, but are you truly? Our panel explains what it takes to be an ally.
  • Saturday 5 PM: Workshop: Writing Action – Writing compelling action sequences is the bane of many a writer. Keeping the momentum of the story going while trying to describe a fight or a chase can be tough, so let our panelists give you some tips and tricks to make those scenes jump off the page.
  • Sunday 11AM: Fifty Shades of Fantasy – With so many supernatural beings in various media today, it’s a whirlwind of different types of fantasy! This panel will take a look at the differences and strengths of Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy.
  • Sunday 12PM: What’s Wrong with Amazon.com? – Amazon is the largest provider of digital books, and they are known for censorship and unfairly applying their vague rules. But, are they really the monster people believe, or do they provide something no other company to date can?

Okay, these should be fun and exciting. Are you going to Rainbow Con? What are your thoughts about these topics?