Five Star Review for “Return to Cooter Crossing” on Love Bytes

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First: The rambling bit

You hear a lot of things when you start out as a writer. One of the things I’ve run across is you shouldn’t write in different genres with the same pen name. Well I said phooey on that when I came up with the idea of my Stories from Bennett Bay. I envisioned a collection of stories bound not by genre but by setting and the people living there. I thought even people in the midst of paranormal fantasy drama still have some kind of mundane existence. They still have to go to the market. They go out and visit friends; they rub up against all kinds of folk. And I truly believe everyone has a story. I wanted to tell those interwoven stories.   Continue reading “Five Star Review for “Return to Cooter Crossing” on Love Bytes”

Great Review for “Slay me,” said the dragon

"Slay me, said the dragon" cover image

Slay can take on a few different meanings and the way it was used in this story was both surprising and appreciatively grasped. I want more, this is the first dragon shifter book that I have read and the story left me wanting more.
–Scott Burkett, GRR-Review

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