Pulse: Part 07

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pulse_cover01_webYanko poked at the last of his red velvet cake.

Marcus said, “Look at the crowd. I didn’t expect this many to show up.”

Yanko, Dieter and their friends had gathered at The Drake, the restaurant next to the Jolly Roger for dinner. They decided to dine outside and wait for the sunset vigil at the end of the pier.

“What’s going on?” Storm asked. He and his ten-year-old fraternal twin brother, Sky, sat between Aidan and JJ, their adoptive fathers.

Aidan said, “Remember that bad thing we saw on the news?”

Sky said, “You mean about all of those people being shot?” Continue reading “Pulse: Part 07”

Pulse: Part 06

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pulse_cover01_webDieter’s phone pinged several times. Yanko rolled over and pulled most of the covers with him. “Why didn’t you shut that off?”

Dieter scooted up against the headboard and picked up his phone from the nightstand. “Meg’s heading back with Gus and Luca. Looks like it may be a few days before their car’s released. And Alex is at his parents’ house.”

Yanko sat up. “Good. Megan really stepped up.”

“Oh she likes to play the cool, rational, detached business woman, but she’s got the heart of a momma lion.”

Yanko cuddled up close to him. “Glad we’re her cubs. So what time is it?”

“Just past noon. Message from the Chamber of Commerce.”

“On a Sunday?” Continue reading “Pulse: Part 06”

Pulse: Part 05

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pulse_cover01_webAnders moved around the room, chatting with guest as they ate, offering a pat on the back or a hug. He exchanged a few words with a group of women at the buffet table and then filled his own plate. He edged around the outside of the room and sat down at the table next to the kitchen door with Dieter, Yanko, Conner, Tamás and Boris. “I think we pulled this off. The guest all seem grateful for what we’ve done. They keep mentioning the feeling of community and family here. How they needed that tonight. Well done.” He looked at Dieter. “Thanks for stepping in.”

Yanko shifted uncomfortably. Dieter said. “I think things were in hand. Probably more of my needed to be with my husband and I’m a bit of control freak.” Continue reading “Pulse: Part 05”

Pulse: Part 04

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pulse_cover01_web“How the eggs coming?” Dieter asked.

Yanko closed the oven door and turned it off. “Basically done. Just need to let them set, then stir them up and put them out in the warmers.”

Dieter nodded as he transferred sausage links and bacon from the grill to a pan lined with paper towels.

Boris entered the kitchen. “Smell good. Move pastries and juice to buffet table. Food ready?”

“Just about,” Yanko said.

Dieter’s phone pinged, indicating a text message. Boris and Yanko froze, then turned to him with worried expressions. He turned off the grill and pulled out his phone. “Innes,” he said. “Boris, can you move the meat here to a warming pan and take it out when Yanko has the eggs ready.”

“Da.” Continue reading “Pulse: Part 04”

Pulse: Part 03

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pulse_cover01_webThe door banged open and Dieter hurried across the empty kitchen. Yanko smiled. His blond hair was still wet from a shower. All he wore was a pair of cut off sweats, a faded Sterling University t-shirt, and his beat up pair of turquoise high-top Chuck Taylors. He sank down on the floor next to him and took his hand.

“That was fast,” Yanko said.

“You didn’t expect Meg to walk the two blocks when she has the new Bentley convertible?”

“Silly me.”

“She nearly crashed when we saw the police out front.”

“Precaution,” Yanko said. “Here to serve and protect.”

Dieter looked away. “Protection… I felt a tingle when we entered the building. Was that you?” Continue reading “Pulse: Part 03”