Day 21.1


Well I broke 30K. ūüôā

My MC just realized that he is a common element that all three shooting victims have and of course he was shot himself, previously  So the boyfriend who is also a County Deputy is coming over to get him and his nephew is waiting for him at the cafe on the pier, so I think it is a good point to leave it for the night.

Thanksgiving tomorrow. Will not get much done. Why do they do this in November?

Night, Night everyone.

Day 21

Well I am holding at 29,151 words at the moment.

I got a lot of outlining, or re-outlining, done yesterday and still have more to do but really felt the call to get writing today. I really want to get this story out. I think it is going to be longer than the 50K goal, at least in first draft form.

Working on a lot of emotional scenes today. It is embarrassing.¬†¬†I am such a big softy. I am just sitting in Starbucks with tears running down my face as it type. ¬†Fortunately no one pays much attention to the old fat guy in the corner. The advantages of being un-remarkable. ūüôā

Thank god the¬†WiFi¬†was finally fixed at the Starbucks I haunt. It did cut down on my distractions but I don’t like not being able to sync my flies to the ‘net and updating my word count. I love to see that little bar move on the NaNo site.

Okay, back to the book.

Day 20

Digital and analog writing tools.

Needed to take the day to re-organize. I kind of like to write out of sequence as the scenes come to mind. The problem is this story is getting a bit complex and I am losing track of the various plot lines. So the hell with word count, today is all about post-its and index cards.

Overall I think the story is coming together if you are into the whole Southern family small town drama thing.

Thanks for stopping by.

BTW: A very nice young lady from South Africa has been following my blog. I can now boast an international readership! ūüôā ¬†(Well out of a total of like three people that isn’t bad.)

Distractions and avoidances…

I want. Christmas is coming up…

I am continually amazed at the ways I find to avoid writing. I am supposed to have the whole day today to write. I’ve even blown off a family get-together and a write-in to be more productive. And what do I do? I take a four hour nap get up and for some reason start looking for a new hat. Yes for some reason I suddenly really need a new panama hat. I did finally find a black one I really like. You know it is hard to find panamas in any color than white and white is just not my color. Not only did I find a black one, but it is Havana style. Just what the mature budding southern writer needs to look¬†snazzy¬†while he is working on his delusions, aha, dreams of¬†becoming¬†a published¬†author. Of course it is $90. I don’t have $90 to spend on a silly hat, but damn it is a nice hat. ¬†I¬†certainly¬†don’t have time to be blogging about looking for a hat I don’t need instead of writing. I mean for gods sake, my main character just got shot. He has to get to the hospital, he has to hear the bad news about his high-school lover and what will happen to the kids?

I don’t know I have to write it!

[Yes there are kids involved. I don’t know why. They were just in the mobile-home¬†¬†when the MC got shot.]

Am I rambling yet?

But damn it is a nice hat. Will I write better if I have a cool hat to¬†wear¬†while I write? Does style while avoiding things count? Does anyone really care what the old fat guy typing way in the corner is Starbucks is wearing anyway? Not like one of the cute baristos will come up and say, “Nice hat. Wanna go on a date?”

Now what was I doing?

Oh yes, convincing myself that blogging was a way to get warmed up for writing. Good thing I spent all of that time looking for the hat. It gave me something to blog about. Humm, maybe I should get another espresso before I start. The guy with the green eyes is at the register¬†again. ¬†I wonder if he would notice me if I had a hat? A nice black¬†Havana¬†style panama hat…

Day 17.1

Well I got in 2,362 words in so far today before I have to go to work. It pushed me over 25K which is cool. I hit the half-way mark. I am still a little behind but I am making it.

Funny I am no longer worried about having enough content to fill the 50K goal, just being able to get it out in time.

Well, time for lunch and then off for a fun filled night of mindless work.