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The Three of Us

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This edition includes the bonus short story The Broken Heart.
The Three of Us: Ever fall head over heels in love with a guy or feel like you’d jump off a bridge for him? Well that’s Sam’s problem. It’s the first week of college and he’s following his jock of a roommate around like a puppy dog. It’s pretty pathetic and he knows it. Then he sits down next to this little nerd in his English class and things change. “The Three of Us” is a story of first loves, coming of age and friendship.

The Broken Heart: Zach has a broken heart. He moved down to Florida to retire, restore a boat, and get over the death of his husband. However, restoring a boat is easier than mending a broken heart. He finds the dark waters of the Big Cypress River run deep and you can find family, home, and new love in unlikely places. Of course, a bit of vodou and the nudge of a ghost can always move things along.


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