Free Book! “The Broken Heart”

My short story “The Broken Heart” is free for the next few days on the Zon. It’s the first thing I published and a fun intro the my Bennett Bay world.

Writing Update: Still waiting for my beta readers to get back to me about “The Bear, the Witch, and the Web,” the follow-up to “Dark Love.” Seems everyone suddenly got a life! I’m still banging away at the third book in what I’m now calling The Live Oak Tales. Looks like I’m having a mini-series in the midst of the larger series. I really didn’t expect to be writing so much paranormal or urban fantasy stuff when I set up this world. It just keeps creeping in. The dragons are taking a larger role in Hunter Moon and I’m trying to get my head and the plot around that. Love being a pantser… don’t know what the story is really about until I type “The End.”

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and hope you all have a good time marking the start of winter in whatever manner you do it. I have the Solstice off this year, so I’ll be lighting a candle and doing some reflecting. Maybe I write something about it!


The Demise of Bobby & Clyde: FREE Short Story

bobby-clyde cover 5 webFree on Amazon for the next 5 Days!

Clyde really loved Bobby. He wanted to give his man the world. He thought robbing a bank would be the way to do it. That was his first mistake. The Demise of Bobby and Clyde is a short ghost story set in the boondocks of Big Cypress County, Florida. A classic haunted house tale with a couple of gay bad boys. Warning: It doesn’t end well for the guys, but there is a lot of ever after.

5 Stars Review on Amazon:

A terrific little spooky and dark ghost story – a perfect lazy, rainy day afternoon read! del Mar provides just enough of a mystery and thrill to pull reel this reader in and not let go until the end. Reading this short is like dropping in on the harried lives of two young men on the run after robbing a bank and following their path of discovery to an abandoned, century old mansion in the swamp. A great ghost story that hints at further adventures. Very Hitchcockian! —Jon Michaelsen

Anniversary and Book Giveaway!

The_Envelope_cover_01a small

(Disclaimer: Lots of personal introspection ahead.)

I just noticed something as I was futzing around on my Amazon publishing account. Today is the one year anniversary of publishing my first short story, “The Envelope.” I found that shocking. I’m trying to decide why. It seems longer than a year ago.

I’m sure part of the problem is time doesn’t always work well in my head. It kind of slips away. I don’t necessarily forget things, I just have trouble remembering how far in the past things happened. I have some kind of sequencing issue, maybe that’s why I don’t like outlines. But it seems that I published that story more than a year ago. It feels that way. Maybe it’s the frustration of wanting to write for forty years and not doing it clouds and colors everything. I don’t know, I’m still processing. One year, wow.

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