Bennett Bay Story Art

image of a sky dragon and an old sailing ship
Artwork by Daniel Dociu

This work of Daniel Dociu passed through my Facebook feed and I couldn’t believe it. It looked so much like the mythology I have for the founding of Bennett Bay. The regular humans tell the story of the fleet of six Spanish ships that set off from Cuba to form a colony along the Gulf of Mexico’s northern coast. They encountered a hurricane off the Gulf coast of Florida. Three of the ships were lost and three made it to a little cove on the southern tip of a bay. They named it Bahia del la Esperanza, the Bay of Hope, and built their colony there. In time it became Bennett Bay. 

The paranormal critters know that the ships were attacked by Storm Dragons. Even though these ships aren’t Spanish and this obviously isn’t Florida, this amazing image gets the idea across. Please take a moment and check out Daniel Dociu’s other artwork

Note: Thanks to  Angel Martinez for finding the artist for me. I hate it when people don’t include the artist.