Bennett Bay History Update: Basil I

tall ship canstockphoto12763937Hi Fans,

Several of my stories make mention of the windjammer Basil I, named after Basil the First, emperor of the Byzantine Empire. She’s moored at Pier One in the historic Old Town district of Bennett Bay. I’ve just added a little excerpt from a WIP, The Fairy Stone, to the Bennett Bay website that gives a bit of background on this ship and Bennett Bay itself. Click here to read it. Don’t forget to pickup at t-shirt, all proceeds go to support the Bennett Bay Historical Society. Trust me, they need the money. 😉


Author: Stephen del Mar

Stephen del Mar lives in the Tampa Bay area and writes in the Southern Literary tradition. His stories are character driven with rich settings. They often have a touch of the paranormal, supernatural, or magical realism. Although he writes about serious subjects, they are sweetened with humor and wit. He says, "It's a southern thing."

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