Well My friend Cindy (aka CA Morgan) talked me into the National Novel Writing Month. Beginning tomorrow, Nov First, you are supposed to write a first draft of a novel–50K words–in 30 days. This should be a challenge because I am somewhat of a slow writer and my paid work is picking up. However I have a lot of prep-work done and I am looking forward to it.

The way I look at it is even if I don’t the the deadline with 50K words I’ll be on my way to having a draft done on a book and I consider that a WIN!




A Journey Into Insanity

I am working on a new short piece with the working title of “Him.” It is kind of new for me because I haven’t done a lot of first person POV stuff and this is pretty dark for me. I am finding it fascinating how different it is, at least for me, to really be writing in the voice of a psychotic killer. There is something abhorrently seductive about going into such a mind. I am glad I can just visit and not live there!